Scandinavian Project Transport AB

Professionalism in project shipping



Ownership: 2 Private Swedish investors (100%)

Auditor: PwC Sverige

Bank: Swedbank, Gothenburg, Sweden

Main Scandinavian Ports:
Gothenburg, Helsingborg, Malmo, Stockholm
Finland: Mantylouto, Rauma, Hanko, Helsinki, Hamina, Kotka
Norway: Oslo, Larvik, Stavanger, Bergen
Denmark: Copenhagen, Aarhus

No of offices: 2 (Helsingborg and Gothenburg, Sweden)

Business areas: India, China, Far East, Caribbean, South Africa, North-Central
and South America.

Turnover 2009: Expected 30 Mill SEK

Type of business: 90 % project and project related cargo / Export
10 % general cargo / Import Export

Professionalism in project shipping

Professionalism in project shipping

Scandinavian Project Transport •

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